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Home Staging will set your house apart from the competition.

How does home staging work?

Option 1:  Cathy will come to your property, walk through the entire space, then go back through, taking photographs, notes and measurements.  Cathy will then create a specific report of suggestions for each room and email it back to you within one week.  This proposal will suggest things you can do yourself and also include a quote for CKI to complete the suggestions.  You are in charge and you will have a step by step plan to move forward with, as it suits you and your family.

Light Home Staging

Option 2:  Cathy Kert Interiors will give you a proposal of the cost to come in and lightly stage your house.  You may need to do some packing up beforehand, then Cathy will use your things and some of her own to lightly stage your house.

cathy kert interiors fireplace

cathy kert kitchen

Full Home Staging by Cathy Kert Interiors

Option 3: CKI will give you a proposal for a fully staged home, including renting furniture and accessories with an initial fee, then a monthly rental fee.

Maintaining our design philosophy and integrity, Cathy Kert Interiors strives to keep staging straightforward and easy to digest. Allowing you to make a solid, comfortable and well informed decision about how you wish to proceed.

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